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NOTE: No copyright infringement intended. many of these images are online with no credit or proper link. If you see an image you own, please contact us and we will immediately remove your image or offer you proper credit.  Teardrop campers and teardrop trailers also go by the following names:  Aloha Trailer, Benroy, Cabin Car, Camp Trailer, Camping Trailer, Collapsible Trailer, Conestoga Wagon, Family Trailer, Folding Bedroom, Folding Travel Trailer, Heavy Duty Underslung, Homecraft, Honeymoon, Honeymoon House, Honorbilt, Housecar for Post War Travel, How To Build Trailers,  Jim Dandy Cruiser, Kampmaster, Kampous Trailer, L'il Guy, Lightweight Trailer for Weekend, Midget Trailer, Mini Hopper, Model Airplane Trailer, Modern Gypsies, Outdoorsman Trailer, Runlight Trailer, The Traveler, Teardrop Sleeper, Terra Cruiser, Trailer for Two, Trail Scout, Tuckaway Camper Cabana, Uni Wheel Tailer, Wanderpup, Wanderbug, Wanderer, Wild Goose, Weekend Trailer, Weekender